The Most Advanced Industrial Spill Vac™ Available

SPILL MASTER 4000 HD – Industrial Use Spill Pan Unit

Description: Designed to efficiently evacuate high viscosity spills using the most advanced technology to get the job done, quickly and safely. Evacuated liquids can be easily drained into any bucket or drum using an 8’ hose with clamp for cleanup and/or recovery of large amounts of high viscosity liquids.

This light weight portable and rechargeable device can be taken to the spill site to remove large spills without the use of powders, pads or mats which end up in landfills. Just turn on device and squeegee the liquid into the spill pan and safely contain.

Application: Factories, labs, food processing, chemical processing, auto repair, dealerships and more…

Types of liquids evacuated by Spill Master: Non-combustible liquids such as oils, paints, detergents, soaps, shampoos, body wash, toxic and bio-hazardous substances.

Available attachment: Extraction Wand used for evacuating low viscosity liquids. Handset used for low viscosity liquids found on counters, leaking equipment, refrigeration units and hard to reach places. 10’ Extension Hose used on all attachments to extend reach or increase drain hose length.

SKU: SPM 4000 HD

Features: Weight 15 lbs. Quiet operation: 20 dB, non-disruptive. On a single charge – runs continuously for 60 minutes with no fade performance. Self-cleans internal system in seconds. Handle for easy transport. 12volt, 10amp, 3,900 rpm pump. Product Size: 11”H x 9”W x 16L

Setup: Base unit attaches to bucket (not included) using 8’ drain hose with clamp. Spill Pan hose attaches to base unit. Squeegee used to fill Spill Pan. Charger connects to base unit