Most Advanced Commercial Spill Cleanup Device Available

SPILL MASTER PRO - EC Model SPM2000 (AC Plug in unit)

Description: AC Spill Vac™ unit designed to quickly and efficiently evacuate low and high viscosity spills using a Wic-Dry Technology (WDT). Evacuated liquids can be drained at the rate of 4.5 gallons/min into any bucket, drain, sink or drum using 8’ Drain Hose with clamp to cleanup or recover very large amounts of liquids. Can be placed under equipment, sink or shelving.

Can be used to evacuate wet areas, clogged plumbing fixtures, fountains, aquariums, liquid transfer and more…

Application: Factories, labs, Food Processing, restaurant kitchens, repair shops, dealerships and more.

Types of liquids evacuated by Spill Master: Leaks, slush, oil, paint, detergent, soap, shampoo, body wash, toxic and bio-hazardous substances. Clean up broken glass bottles and their contents.

Available attachments: Spill Pan (used for high viscosity liquids), Handset (used on counters, tables and hard to reach places), 1 Gallon Reservoir, 10’ Extension Hose (used on all attachments to extend reach or increase drain hose length)

SKU: SPM 2000


Weight 15 lbs.

Quiet operation: 30 dB, non-disruptive

Plugs into wall outlet to run continuously

GFI protection for wet areas

Self-sanitizes internal system in seconds

Handle for easy transport

120volt, 10amp, 3,900 rpm pump

Product Size: 11”H x 9”W x 16L