Spill Master Safeguards


The Spill Master™ is the most efficient liquid spill and wet area remover in the World today. The true benefit of its ability to evacuate up spills in seconds ensures public safety in significant ways:

  1. It reduces the number of serious injuries people suffer each year from Slip & Fall accidents. (Slips and Falls account for over 1 million hospital visits a year and there are over 540,000 serious Slip & Fall injuries each year in North America that require Hospital Care and there are over 20,000 Slip & Fall fatalities each year – Reported by - U.S. Dept. of Labor - OSHA)

By reducing the number of Slip & Fall injuries – it saves millions of dollars every year in Healthcare Costs and Corporate expenditures:

    • It reduces the manpower and expense that healthcare facilities expend on treating slip & fall injuries while freeing up resources to spend on other medical matters.
    • It saves hundreds of millions of dollars spent from Healthcare Insurance costs historically spent on Slip & Fall injuries (The average medical cost from a Slip & Fall is $22,800 per accident – Reported by – Liberty Mutual 2016 Work Place Safety Index)
    • It saves companies billions of dollars on loss work days and Worker Comp insurance costs with fewer employee work related Slip & Fall injuries and back injuries claims from operating traditional wet mops. (Slips & Falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and the primary cause of lost days from work. 22% of slip/fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work. Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents is approximately $70 billion annually - Reported by - National Safety Council Injury Facts).
    • It saves companies hundreds of millions of dollars on reduced paid out liability insurance premiums historically paid out for slip & fall claims and resulting costly settlements and judgments. (The average cost to defend a Slip & Fall lawsuit is $50,000 – NFSI; The average Slip & Fall settlement in NY State is $789,000 and the average Courtroom Verdict for Slip & Fall cases is $645,000 – Reported by Jury Verdict Research)

  1. It safeguards people’s lives by reducing illnesses (and related Healthcare costs) caused by the spread of contaminated or infectious liquid substances exasperated by a traditional wet mop method. The Spill Master™ without spreading the original bio-spill’s foot print, sucks it up into an enclosed reservoir which can be properly disposed of as per facility protocol.
  2. It can also save people’s lives by evacuating up caustic spilled substances like chlorine or other dangerous liquid spills without any direct human contact with caustic liquids (No wet vacuum cleaner manufacturer can make any of these claims as vacuums are minimally effective in cleaning up liquid substances on any surface despite vacuum manufactures spending hundreds of millions of advertising dollars trying to make you feel that your lives will be better off with their vacuum.)