Questions & Answers

Q1: What makes Wic-Dry Technologies’ Spill Master so special?

A: The Spill Master is unique in that it:

  • Reduces the risk of slip and falls, cross contamination, and re-colonization
  • Provides for touch-free clean-up of broken glass containers and content
  • Does not spread the spill out to a larger area
  • Provides for quick & easy self-sanitization
  • Cordless, quiet, lightweight & easy to maneuver
  • Evacuates the spill to an enclosed waste reservoir
  • Reduces water & chemical consumption
  • No other device offers these

Comment: Mops spread spills to a larger area and leave behind excess fluid that require more drying time, thus increasing risk of slip and falls. Use of mop and bucket spreads the spill out to a larger area and removes very little off the floor. The Spill Master™ is so efficient – it does not spread the spill. Rather it evacuates the spill on contact.

Q2: When do you use the Spill Master?

A: The Spill Master™ is specifically designed to remove any type liquid spill.

Comment: The device is not designed to wash a large floor area, but does a great job evacuating accumulated liquid substances on floors.

Q3: What happens to the liquid spill when using the Spill Master?

A: The Spill Master™ evacuates the liquid spill into a reservoir container which can be capped. Depending on the contents, the spill may be poured down a sink, drain, or disposed of as per facility protocol.

Comment: By using the Spill Master™ to capture the spill in a reservoir, bio-hazardous or toxic liquids will not be spread as when using paper towels, mops or rags. In addition, use of the Spill Master™ in high traffic customer areas (such as restaurants) will eliminate the use of mops and buckets that are unsightly.

Q4: When should the Wic-Dry pad be changed?

A: If a spill is non-bio-hazardous or toxic a pad may be used up to 6-8 times. If the pad is used more the performance of the Spill Master will be reduced. Pads used for cleanup of bio-hazardous or toxic spills should be replaced after one use.

Comment:  As grit or grime attaches to the Wic-Dry pad, the liquid will be more difficult to evacuate through the pad.

Q5: Can the Wic-Dry pads be rinsed or laundered?

A:  No. If  laundered, the pads will no longer fit properly onto device due to shrinkage.

Q6: Why must the Spill Master be placed in the center of the spill before using?

A: The Spill Master™ uses a Wic-Dry Technology process that evacuates liquid absorbed by the pad. If pad is not entirely wet, the pump draws air from the dry parts of the pad. When the pad is entirely wet, it draws the fluid into the reservoir.

Comment: Without the pad installed onto device, the Spill Master™ will not draw the fluid up from the floor. When performing self-sanitization using the tray, the device draws up the sanitization fluid because the suction head is entirely immersed in liquid.

Q7: What is the battery life?

A: On a full charge, the battery can run continuously for up to 3 hours. That may represent a up to 2 weeks of spill removal because spills usually take seconds to remove.

Comment: When not in use, the Spill Master™ can be connected to a charger which monitors battery status.

Q8: How do you cleanup dried blood or urine?

A: Spray the areas generously with floor cleaner, wait 3 minutes and pass the Spill Master™ over area. It may be necessary to repeat several times until clean.

Comment: Change the Wic-Dry on the final pass to reduce cross-contamination.

Q9: What liquid should be used to self-sanitize the Spill Master?

A: Food service facilities should use 8 ounces of vinegar and medical facilities should use 8 ounces of alcohol.

Q10: What fluids cannot be removed by The Spill Master?

A: Any type of chunky sauces and vomit, but The Spill Master Pro can clean up higher viscosity liquids like shampoo, body wash, oils and paint.

Q11 What category of equipment does the Spill Master fall under?

A: Based on our understanding of the National Floor Safety Institute, the Spill Master™ falls under Safety Equipment. There is no other product like the Spill Master™ that reduces the risk of slip & falls and cross contamination.

Comment: This device was developed for spills and was not meant to replace a mop for general cleaning.  It may be used to clean and sanitize small areas like around a toilet when used in conjunction with a spray on cleaning solution.

Q12: What maintenance or servicing is required?

A: To maintain the Spill Master™ the user must keep the battery charged, change the Wic-Dry pad and sanitize the unit after daily use.

Q14: Must the client buy the Wic-Dry pads, reservoirs and cleaning fluid from Wic-Dry Technologies only?

A: Yes, customers must use the products created for the Spill Master™ or the warranty is void.

Q16: Where is the Spill Master manufactured?

A: The Spill Master™ is assembled in United States.

Comment: Our current assembly center is in Deerfield Beach, Florida.