Cleaning & Sanitization


Removing fresh spills from floor

  1. Evacuate Spill with Spill Master
  2. Spray floor cleaner generously over area
  3. Evacuate floor cleaner with unit
  4. Use Complete-Dry Pad as per instructions included with pad.

Removing Bio Hazardous spills, dried blood or urine

  1. Spray floor cleaner over entire spill area or onto dried blood or urine and wait 1 minute
  2. Turn on unit and evacuate entire spill and floor cleaner
  3. Remove used pad, properly dispose and properly install new one
  4. Spray floor cleaner again generously over area
  5. Evacuate floor cleaner, discard pad and self-sanitize unit as per instructions below

Self-sanitizing The Spill Master

  1. Make sure waste in reservoir is below red fill line, if near or above replace reservoir
  2. Remove and properly dispose of pad
  3. Place Spill Master into fresh sanitization tray without pad
  4. Pour 8 ounces of alcohol, vinegar or floor cleaner into tray
  5. Turn Spill Master on for 10 seconds
  6. Cap off and remove reservoir, rinse or dispose of sanitization tray
  7. Install new pad onto unit

Cleanup of Liquid Soaps, Detergents and Oils
(Must Use with Spill Pan)

  1. When spill has been evacuated using Spill Pan and Squeegee, disconnect Spill Pan and connect hose from lower “T” bar to Spill Master
  2. Spray No-Foam if soap type spill or Degreaser if oil type spill generously onto affected floor
  3. Using Spill Master evacuate No-Foam or Degreaser from floor
  4. Remove and install new pad then repeat steps 2 and 3 to insure a proper cleanup