Biomedical Cleanup


Removing Urine/Blood Off Floor Using the SPM1000

  1. Spray floor
    evacuate floor cleaner
  2. Discard floor pad
  3. Replace floor pad and repeat above steps 1,2 and 3

Self-sanitizing Spill Master to Reduce Cross-Contamination

  1. Make sure content in reservoir is below red fill line. If near or above cap and replace reservoir
  2. Remove and properly dispose of Wic-Dry Pad
  3. Place Spill Master into yellow sanitization tray without floor pad
  4. Pour 8 ounces of floor cleaner, alcohol or into tray
  5. Turn Spill Master on for 10 seconds
  6. Cap and remove reservoir, dispose as per facility protocol and install new reservoir. (1oz. of solidifier may be used as per Osha requirements when handling bio-liquids)
  7. Install new Wic-Dry Pad onto unit to prepare for next shift

IMPORTANT: Gloves are required when handling floor pads